Jacaranda carefully checks that candidate qualifications match the specification of your vacancy.

Qualified social work

We have long experience of the professional registration process for qualified social worker posts (HCPC and other Care Councils). Social work qualifications vary in name and length from country to country. We advise candidates of the importance of HCPC registration from the moment they contact us. Certified translations of qualification certificates can be provided.

Social pedagogy

Many countries have a strong tradition in social pedagogy, which draws on related disciplines such as education, sociology, psychology and philosophy. See our social pedagogy page, for more details. Courses vary and may include:

  • 3 or 4 year vocational trainings incorporating a high level of practical experience as well as the underpinning theory
  • 3 or 4 year university of applied science degrees, incorporating long practical placements
  • 5 year university qualifications, including some short practical placements

Some social pedagogues can register with the HCPC or relevant Care Council and work as qualified social workers.

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European practice does not distinguish between qualified and unqualified work in the same way that we do in the UK. You are more likely to find a degree qualified workforce in settings where the UK equivalent would be trained to NVQ level.

Social care staff

Jacaranda provides candidates with and without formal qualifications for social care work, ranging from residential care for the elderly to support work for adults with disabilities and residential childcare.

Often social pedagogues and social educators with degrees or vocational trainings will apply for social care jobs because they prefer more direct and practical work. Jacaranda helps you to understand the qualifications and equivalency in conjunction with the HCPC and other Care Councils.

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