We maintain the highest standards in our selection of candidates. We always have your service users in the forefront of our minds when pre-screening based on your specification.

Our pre-screening includes assessment of work experience, qualifications, professional values, motivation, English language, expectations, realism, longer-term goals and that special something that makes a great team member or manager.

“We have been very pleased with the quality of the Social Workers that we have recruited through Jacaranda. Of those interviewed, the proportion who were appointable was very high, and those who have joined us have worked to an extremely high standard. They have been hard-working, reliable and very quick to learn, so with such good quality recruits, we are delighted that they are still in the service 2 years after they joined. The candidates have quickly progressed to a level where they have been able to successfully undertake highly complex casework, achieving good outcomes for service users. We have received considerable positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and 2 of the first 3 social workers to join us have already won staff awards for their work. We have been so impressed that we have just completed our second round of recruitment through Jacaranda.”

Team Manager, Local Authority

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