Level 5 Diploma Modules

Social pedagogy in relationship-centred practice This module provides an overview of key theories and principles in social pedagogy and equips learners to apply these in relationship-centred practice, based on the Standards of Proficiency for Social Pedagogy. Developing Leadership Skills in Social Pedagogy This module aims to help learners to develop social pedagogical leadership skills and supports them in developing social pedagogy within their own organisation.  Learners will become familiar with how they can fulfil a leadership role in a social pedagogical manner, placing ethical considerations at the heart of decision-making and resolving ethical dilemmas. Social pedagogy in a social and political context This module helps learners familiarise themselves with the social-political dimension of social pedagogy as an ethical orientation concerned with social issues: promoting human welfare, addressing social inequality and creating conditions in which individuals, groups and communities can unfold their potential.]]>