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We have written and published a pocket book, “Social Pedagogy – An Invitation”. It invites you to explore an overview of some key aspects of social pedagogy, with practice examples to illustrate its application.

It aims to respond to and expand the curiosity that led you to it, and is intended to be a springboard to further exploration.

Here you will find the suggested further reading we refer to in the pocket book.

If you would like to order the pocket book, you can do so on Amazon.


This is an excellent book for anyone interested in Social Pedagogy or who knows nothing about and wishes to take the first steps in understanding what it has to offer. It is very clear in its presentation of the underlying principles of this approach to social care and education. I have given it to a variety of professionals, including inspectors,child psychologists and social workers as well as students working in this field and all have agreed that it has given them an invaluable insight into what Social Pedagogy is all about.

Review on Amazon

Absolutely brilliant!! Cute, small and packed with so much useful information!!!

Review on Amazon

This pocket book is a really lovely resource. It is a great first step into exploring social pedagogy and learning what it has to offer. It talks you through the key values and practice approaches of social pedagogy alongside short case studies that help you to ground concepts in reality.

The Fostering Network

Readers of this book will have all that is necessary to see the potential of Social Pedagogy to contribute to the rich psycho-social and systemic tradition of English child care thinking and practice. Explanations of theory and practice are clear and enable participation in the creation of an English Social Pedagogy. 

Jonathan Stanley, National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care

The pocket book is priced at £6.99 and is available on Amazon

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  • April 24, 2020 at 11:08 am

    The pocket book is still not available on amazon, I tried several times.:-(


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