Jacaranda Development offers work-based training in Social Pedagogy, including accredited learning. We provide bolt-on services that support systemic development, which realise the efficacy of the investment in workforce development.

Changes in beliefs and ways of doing do not occur in bubbles, nor solely on the front-line. Research and learning theories clearly demonstrate the importance of a systems approach in practice and organisational development.

There are early indications that Social Pedagogy training and systemic support in fostering avoids costs. This interim report based on the Loughborough cost calculator explains more.

Some of our training and consultancy projects:

Jacaranda Recruitment provides Social Pedagogues, Social Educators and Social Workers (HCPC registered) with a social pedagogic orientation. Employing these professionals can stimulate and support organisational Social Pedagogy development when implemented hand-in-hand with a learning and development programme. We have recruited Social Pedagogues for:

  • The Department for Education Social Pedagogy residential pilot project
  • The Head, Heart, Hands programme led by the Fostering Network
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • The London Borough of Hackney
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • London Borough of Brent
  • Many more organisations throughout the UK

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“This was a really positive experience for us. It’s such an excellent way to get to know the people applying for these vital roles with our most vulnerable children and young people. By using this approach we were able to create better opportunities to see the ‘person behind the professional persona’. This enabled us to explore a range of criteria that was far broader and deeper than our traditional approaches to recruitment.”
Staffordshire County Council

We support the wider development of Social Pedagogy in our involvement in the Centre for Understanding of Social Pedagogy development group and the Social Pedagogy Development Network.