About Us

Since 2003 Jacaranda has been providing permanent recruitment services, placing social workers and social pedagogues from around the world in a wide range of settings. Our commitment is to long-term staffing solutions and the quality of relationship this stability in workforces enables.

We are passionate about the development of social pedagogy. In addition to the services we offer in training, consultancy and field trips, we contribute voluntarily to UK development of social pedagogy. Visit our Social Pedagogy and Develop pages to learn more about our approach and our projects. You will also find case studies on our Download page.

The success of your recruitment is yours, ours and that of your service users. This link is present in everything we do. Our reputation is anchored in honesty, sound ethics, clear vision and a commitment to quality. We are ourselves bilingual and have experience of living and working away from the home-country, enabling us to assess and support candidates referencing our own experiences.


We are active members of the Centre for the Understanding of Social Pedagogy Development Group, working towards a curriculum for UK Social Pedagogy courses.

Jacaranda works collaboratively with Professor Pat Petrie, Professor Claire Cameron, ThemPra and others on large scale projects, such as the Head, Heart, Hands programme, and Scaling Up Social Pedagogy. We are delighted to be a part of the delveopment which has created a professional association and social pedagogy qualifications.

We are organising partners of the Social Pedagogy Development Network, a network that connects people interested in social pedagogy.

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